Toni Reign

Reigning Beauties Natural Skin Care 

Hello Beauties!

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Toni Reign


​​My new favorite product!

Reigning Beauties is a wonderful product. I used it for a spa party that I did and all the clients loved it. It was a big hit! I love that all the products are made with all natural oils and essential oils. It doesn't leave your clothes stained and it feels good to the skin. It has a very good consistency for a long-lasting massage.

Sheila P.

Eczema Relief

I have really sensitive skin, so i was hesitant to try something new.  when i tried the shaving, i felt a nice tingle sensation and my head felt really smooth and moisturized.  when i tried the aftershave, i felt an instant tightening of my skin and clean feeling. Also, i have eczema so i itch with most products, but not with the butter.  i use the unscented butter and it feels really good without having to worry about the itch.

Rick P

Love this product!

 I used the body butter on both myself and my mom, we love it.  i noticed that my skin stayed soft longer and i also noticed that some spots that i had are now clearing up.

Lisa J.

I love the products.  I will be a valued and loyal customer.

Stephanie Carew

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BODY BUTTER!!!!!  The mint is so refreshing!!! I want the chamomile too.

Carrie Hardin

Faithful users!

About a month ago, upon the launching of Reigning Beauties, Toni Reign was gracious enough to let me try samples of her body butter and scrub. The body butter had a very pleasant fragrance and left my skin shining. I decided to try the scrub after washing my hands with regular soap. I'm a teacher and the soap cleaned a lot of marker residue, etc from my hands. Next, I tried Reigning Beauties scrub and it removed MORE dirt from my hands after I thought the soap cleaned them! My husband and I are now faithful users of the orange mint body butter which leaves our skin smooth and fragrant, as well as the body scrub. As a customer, I was treated with respect and my comments on the product were valued. I highly recommend Reigning Beauties products and will continue to purchase additional products!

Darlene Bryant