Toni Reign

Reigning Beauties Natural Skin Care 



I have used a few of your products and will tell you my experience in a later email.But I had to take one minute to tell you about the lavender. Utter!! My son has a hard time sleeping under normal circumstances.This last week has been unusually difficult.Every night I put him to bed be is still awake 2 hours later making excuses ,he's thirsty,he's scared,he need a bandaid  for a week old scratch...anything to stay awake.Saturday night we did our routine meds bath book.but this time after bath I rubbed him down in the lavender butter we read the book.i put him to bed fully expecting to see him up with im the hour.10 min later he was sleep !! So tonight we had a late night so we skipped the bath I did quick wash down put the lavender butter on read a story put him to bed .i checked about 15 min later and he was fast asleep !!I am so stoked !!  my baby can relax and sleep now without his mind wandering for hours ! I LOVE this product !!!!

Lakesha Harrison

Body Butter and Soap
After using the body butter daily I notice that my skin stays smooth and doesn't dry out during the day. Also the soap is excellent very refreshing to smell while bathing and leaves your skin soft.

D Thomas

Love the shaving cream

TNT'S Dallas.  I just wanted to say that my husband loves your shaving cream and clove aftershave!  He doesn't like any products!  And I love how he smiles.  Will be ordering more.  Thanks again and just wanted thank you again for coming up with such great, healthy products!

Marlene Forte

LOVE the products

The soap is my fave followed closely by the body butter!  Gorgeous and natural. xx

Ky Furneaux

Lavender Body Oil

I'm loving the lavender body oil, which now sits by my couch & goes on my legs every night

Toks Olagundoye